Creating positive outcomes with the shift from presenteeism

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Here’s one post-pandemic change we probably won’t mourn: the decline of presenteeism.

It’s a mindset that values simply being there in the office, often outside of normal hours or at a cost to our health or personal lives.

In our most recent Data Journeys meetup, there was a consensus that the mindset is reaching its twilight, mainly thanks to the sudden changes in how we approach remote working, measuring productivity, and employers’ responsibility to promote well-being.

Many were already moving toward a greater focus on outcomes and data before COVID-19, but new ways of working are quickly melting away the remnants of presenteeism that might persist among now-remote or hybrid workforces.

Yet, when some challenges are shrinking from view others emerge. Technologists have a lot to celebrate with a greater focus on measurable outputs – and we should all make health a priority – but the Data Journeys community identified a few speed-bumps that are also coming into view.

Our attendees didn’t always find problems manifesting in exactly the same ways, but we did swap some practical tips and strategies you can try in your own team or organisation.

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