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What We Do

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At Telstra Purple, we support you on your journey and enable you to transform with purpose by focusing on what really matters. From network solutions to digital experience design, we’ll help transform your business with dedicated, leading-edge, end-to-end experiences.

Our expertise

The new reality emerging from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will be digitising at speed and scale. We can help you move your business forward with professional services. Everything from business consulting to helping you with strategy and priorities, software development, cloud adoption to infrastructure design and installation. We can also reduce business risk by managing things on your behalf too.

Strategy and Digital Transformation

Define, shape and transform your digital roadmap

Strategy services


Protecting every link in the chain

Security services


Infrastructure for now and next

Network services


Capture cloud’s full value

Cloud services

Modern Workplace

Empower your remote workforce

Workplace services

Data and Analytics

Unleash the power of data

Data services

Our 4D methodology

Discover. Define. Deliver. Drive. Our four-part framework delivers powerful, predictable, and repeatable business outcomes. When we combine these elements, we help you to innovate with purpose to cement your competitive advantage. No matter your size – we’ll deliver you the bespoke services you need to realise your digital strategy goals.

1D. Discover more. Current state assessment

We’ll work together to highlight opportunities and challenges specific to your organisation.

2D. Define more. Strategic blueprint and business case

Using this analysis we’ll help you seize opportunities and solve challenges in a timely manner.

3D. Deliver more. Transformation projects

We’ll provide the services, support, and guidance every step of the way, from deployment to adoption and encompassing change management.

4D. Drive more. Operations

We continue to drive value through repeatable and managed services, helping you realise the business benefits of this approach.

Telstra Purple Services and Solutions - London City Airport
Success story

How Telstra Purple helped London City Airport initiate a “Smart Airport” experience

The London City Airport was faced with a two-fold challenge of attracting more passengers and dynamically managing traffic through the terminal. Its ‘Smart Airport’ programme uses business intelligence and analytics from 190 cameras across the airport to make smarter decisions and prioritise investment.

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