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Preparing you for the challenges of a data-driven future
With the increasing use of cloud, video and mobility underpinned by the need for always-on connectivity, many organisations find it a challenge to have a managed network environment that meets their data needs. Telstra Purple can help you plan and manage an environment that supports your growth and leverages the benefits of data.

The Connectivity Guide to Successful SD-WAN

When multi-cloud and SD networks are changing the game, network architects must learn to do 'more with less'. Find out how in The Buyer Guide by Ovum and Telstra.

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Palo Alto Networks Secure Access Service Edge

Transform your network and security architecture to support your digital transformation, cloud migration, and business objectives.

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Commercial WIFI assessment

How to ensure your organisation offers a great network experience regardless of where they are or how they connect with you.

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Public Sector WIFI assessment

Ensure your organisation offers its people an excellent network experience no matter where, and how, they connect with you.

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What we do

Telstra Purple’s Network Services focus on reviewing the current network maturity and posture of your organisation across people, process, and technology. We will help shape your new network strategy by ensuring alignment to business needs and goals, and putting your customers and organisational users at the heart of network decisions. Our 4D Methodology pillars (Deliver and Drive More), focus on the implementation of the necessary people, process, and technology solutions to optimise an organisation’s network.

How we do it

Through our modular approach, we can offer solutions that are scalable and repeatable across all key components of a successful network provision. Our Network approach can be joined at any stage of your Transformation journey and should be viewed as a cyclical process where strategy and solutions are continually re-evaluated.

In addition, we are part of Telstra whose global network spans nearly 400,000 kilometres with more than 2,000 points of presence around the world, including the largest subsea cable system in Asia Pacific. Significant investments have also gone into the overlay network, including cloud-optimised networks, to support SD-WAN transformation and next-generation backbones, enabling flexible hybrid cloud deployment.

Our 4D Methodology

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Our Services

SD-DC Quickstart

Our SD-DC Quickstart enables your business to harness the power of a Software Defined Data Centre (SD-DC) and paves out the steps for migration.

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Network Assessment Quickstart

Today more than ever, the network is at the heart of driving differentiation and success. It should be the driver of change – Telstra Purple can make it so. A tailored Network Assessment can be the all-important step in ensuring your network strategy and your business deliverables are aligned.

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SD-WAN Quickstart

You may be ready to embrace SD-WAN – but is your infrastructure? A QuickStart engagement from Telstra Purple will deepen your understanding of the cost savings, flexibility and capabilities of SD-WAN and provide a strategic roadmap along with high-level implementation costs. It’s a quick-win giving you the bigger picture.

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