Crowd at october 2019 data journey event - Telstra Purple brings the power of people together

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At Telstra Purple, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our communities provide an opportunity for technology leaders to access a creative and collaborative environment to fast track the development of their business and people. Through ClubCISO, Data Journeys, and Accomplish More, we’ve built communities of leaders in technology and Digital transformation, data, and security, who share a passion to excel and a thirst for knowledge.

Giving a voice to security leaders

ClubCISO has been at the heart of the development of the CISO role, providing a forum for global security leaders to build their network, be involved in proactive discussion, solve problems and create practical guidance that moves the industry forward.

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Accelerate your personal and organisational journey to data-driven leadership

Data Journeys is an exclusive members’ forum for leaders who want to ‘turbo charge’ their organisations by leveraging data. Using our collective wisdom, we will help each other navigate from where we are now, to where we want to be – faster and with greater impact.

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Shining a new perspective on leadership

Too many technology forums act like echo chambers. We’re building something different. A straight-talking community that helps you get to better faster. Our community is built on ambitious present and future leaders who are prepared to share and learn in order to shape the future of technology leadership.

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Make an impact fast in the first 12 months in role

The first 12 months in a new technology or security leadership role is fraught with potential pitfalls – but it’s also a time of immense possibility. Our New-in-Role dinner debate series brings together like-minded professionals seeking to make an impact fast when starting a new leadership role, and provides them with a platform to share stories and support one another.

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