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We believe that technology leadership starts by putting people and purpose at the centre. Bring together your experts with ours to drive digital transformation and harness the power of technology.
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Hello, we’re Telstra Purple

Business agility drives success in a world full of competitive pressure.  When only 31% of UK businesses could prove an integrated digital transformation strategy, how do you become a purposeful change leader?  Telstra Purple believes that leadership starts by putting people and purpose at the centre. Bring together your experts with ours and harness the power of technology.

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Digital transformation is what we do

At Telstra Purple, our focus is on driving outcome-based, transformative tech solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. Whether it’s delivering real world digital transformation through innovative solutions, providing adaptive infrastructure built for scale, helping you create an optimal security blueprint, or leveraging the true power of your data, our digital consultants have the experience and expertise to help you achieve success.

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Telstra Purple shines a light on your digital transformation

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How to champion an effective data governance strategy throughout your organisation

In our recent roundtable event in partnership with the Australia-UK chamber of commerce we discussed the first steps of crafting an effective data governance strategy.

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The power of the CISO community in securing our future

With the rise in cyber security threats initiated during the pandemic, Manoj Bhatt discusses the importance of strong collaborative communities like ClubCISO, in ensuring the positive progression of the profession.

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People at the heart of building a strong security culture

In this Tech Radar Pro article, Telstra Purple’s Manoj Bhatt discusses how a people centric security strategy is a company’s best line of defence.

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