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Helping you navigate and reach your digital goals
Digital transformation journeys aren’t linear or cookie-cutter. They’re complex, unique, and most do not succeed straight out of the gate. That is why you need a skilled partner with deep experience who can help shape your digital roadmap and navigate the many twists and turns on your digital transformation journey.
Telstra Purple Services and Solutions - London City Airport

Accelerated transformation to manage rapid growth

Telstra Purple assisted London City Airport with a wide-ranging digital transformation programme that touched all aspects of its operations in support of ambitious plans to double passenger capacity.

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What we do

The digital landscape is ever-changing and Telstra Purple will help ensure your journey is safe and smooth. We take a fresh, immersive approach to assessing your current digital strategy and the underpinning technology. We validate your vision for the future and define the key milestones in your roadmap. Above all, we ensure you align the digital culture in your organisation with your real business drivers so you can succeed faster, and sustain that success.

How we do it

Your transformation journey should be as unique as your company. Partnering with Telstra Purple means having the very best people with the best expertise become a part of your team. Our ARCH (Architecture, Risks, Complexity and Holistic Vision) methodology provides a standards-based framework to rapidly assess, plan, and transform your architecture. ARCH drives lasting improvement across your digital strategy. We’ll get you future-ready in a way that is right for you.

Our 4D Methodology

Telstra Purple 4D Digital Transformation methodology

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Our Services

Digital Architecture Accelerator

Our Digital Architecture Accelerator based on our ARCH methodology delivers a rapid view of your digital strategy's maturity.

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Telstra Purple delivers digital transformation with purpose.

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