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Illuminating Your Journey to Hybrid Cloud
A well-planned cloud strategy can lower capital investment and overhead, while delivering something highly available and scalable. Telstra Purple can help with your cloud management strategy, whether private, public, or hybrid, and help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and add real value to your business.

Best Practice Guide to Hybrid Cloud

There are many challenges in the migration and management of hybrid cloud environments. Telstra’s Guide to Hybrid Cloud offers help to CIOs to overcome them.

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What We Do

Cloud is a critical part of transforming your business, but it’s not easy to accomplish. Whether it’s your first foray into the cloud or you’re looking into cloud migration, consolidation, or optimisation, Telstra Purple has the expertise and experience to help you define a strategic roadmap for your cloud presence. By engaging our team, you can speed up migrations, find the right target operating model, and get support through the process, ensuring a smooth and secure transition with minimal impact.

How We Do It

To truly realise the transformative benefits of the cloud, you need to work with those who’ve experienced both the pitfalls as well as the recipes for success. Our agile team of cloud experts can make the best recommendations for your organisation with their global experience in public, private, and hybrid-cloud. We partner with a range of best-of breed vendors across the ecosystem, enabling you to better capitalise on the benefits of cloud based on your bespoke organisational requirements.

Our 4D Methodology

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Our Services

Azure Quickstart

Our Azure Quickstart profiles your infrastructure to identify quick-wins and prioritises workloads for migration.

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Microsoft 365 Security Optimisation Service

Our Microsoft 365 Security Optimisation Service will provide an assessment on your current security footprint along with a recommendations roadmap to transform your estate.

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Teams Piloting with Office 365

Our TEAMS piloting program allows you to experience the possibilities and benefits of Office 365 TEAMS.

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Bringing Clarity to Data Centre and Cloud Migrations

With over 20 years’ experience delivering large-scale, infrastructure migration projects in some of the global business world’s most demanding environments, we’ve developed and refined a unique approach to de-risking migrations – achieving faster, more predictable outcomes.

Our Partners

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Latest Insights

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Webinar – The Shift to ‘Cloud Only’

In this webinar with Ian Sheen, our Strategy, Transformation and Cloud Consulting lead, we explore how to deal with this new state of transformation and different views on path to ‘cloud first’

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Bringing together people and processes to modernise cloud ecosystems

Speakers from a recent Nimbus Ninety webinar explore the considerations organisations must make about the future of their cloud infrastructure.

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Reducing Complexity in the Hybrid IT World

This report focuses on reducing the complexity in the Hybrid IT World caused by the growing demand for new services, capabilities and experiences.

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