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Capture multi-cloud’s full potential
Enterprises are moving to multi-cloud to leverage some of the best technologies optimised to meet their business needs. But it isn’t as easy as simply connecting clouds. Developing a robust strategy is essential to deliver multi-cloud business benefits, including availability, scalability, performance, and security. Understanding the cloud’s technology implications and associated challenges is critical.
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Identify the business need

Enterprises moving to multi-cloud are finding that they need to change how they work significantly.

Applications are spread across on-premises, remote offices, software-as-a-service, hyperscaler clouds, and enterprise clouds, which makes visibility difficult. Telstra Purple can help you manage this complex IT estate while increasing efficiencies and getting maximum business value from your cloud investment.

Planning is paramount. By charting your challenges and needs, you can choose clouds that best suit your organization now and into the future.

Architecting the right multi-cloud environment begins with looking at what you have in place already. Extensive evaluation with a cloud specialist to create a robust and secure multi-cloud strategy is central to your multi-cloud success.

What We Do

Choosing the best cloud services for your business will help you move faster, become more agile, and do more with your data.

If you are starting your multi-cloud journey – or already a way down the road – Telstra Purple’s multi-disciplinary team can help you create an overarching multi-cloud strategy that will work for your business.

By working closely with our team, you can speed up multi-cloud migration and get support through the process, ensuring a smooth and secure transition. We are agnostic in our approach to technology and have relationships with industry-leading partners to bring you the best-in-breed cloud solutions to achieve your business goals.

How We Get You There

There are complexities when designing a multi-cloud solution. Every enterprise is different. Not all solutions are the same, nor do they offer the same outcomes. Our multi-disciplinary teams are experienced in migrating enterprises to a multi-cloud estate, providing bespoke planning and strategic direction aligned with industry best practices and business outcomes.

Cloud Downloads

Multi-Cloud Value Assessment

Align cloud services to business outcomes maximise your cloud investment


Cloud Risk Assessment

Cloud Risk and Shadow IT Technical Assessment


Secure Cloud Landing Zone

Deploy a Cloud Landing Zone fit for the real world and compatible with multiple clouds and data centres


Multi-cloud Cost Optimisation

Identify opportunities to save cost across clouds now and ongoing


Our 4D Methodology

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Our Services

Azure Quickstart

Our Azure Quickstart profiles your infrastructure to identify quick wins and prioritise workloads for migration.


Microsoft 365 Security Optimisation Service

Our Microsoft 365 Security Optimisation Service will provide an assessment of your current security footprint along with a recommendations roadmap to transform your estate.


Teams Piloting with Office 365

Our TEAMS piloting program allows you to experience the possibilities and benefits of Office 365 TEAMS.

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Landing Zone

Building a solid cloud foundation

Simply put, a landing zone is a framework that supports an efficient, streamlined cloud migration. It sets several solid parameters that determine how applications and data are utilised in a cloud environment.

A landing zone is prepared differently for each organisation, and the build can be a daunting task. Our team of cloud experts can help you develop a cloud landing zone focused on delivering business outcomes. We can help determine the right skills and team structure you need and manage these on an ongoing basis or manage the landing zone for you.

Our vendor-agnostic, holistic approach will ensure you adopt the best multi-cloud technologies to enhance your cloud posture, aligned with your business goals.

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