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Designing, implementing, and managing connectivity from traditional networks up to their public cloud is a key Telstra focus area in the world of Enterprise IT. Collaboration with customers to design the integration of their traditional network into their public cloud is an offering I am coming across more and more….

There’s no denying that we are now in the cloud age for enterprise IT. It’s the norm and not the exception to see an enterprise with public cloud estate alongside (or instead of) their traditional on-premise services. Telstra’s primary business is international telecommunications, which means I work across Telstra provided physical links, global networks, and PoPs through to customer edges, and these elements are mainly outside of the public cloud itself – so I find cloud networking and specifically cloud connectivity quite alluring, like my next frontier. As concepts in cloud networking differ slightly from traditional networking it puts an interesting twist on creating network solutions and often requires a meeting-of-minds to craft the right solution between the WAN network and the internals of the public cloud.

Cloud connectivity is a broad term but for Telstra Enterprise it generally means connecting an enterprise customer’s DC, WAN, SD-WAN or SASE to their public cloud infrastructure. This allows their on-premise services and most importantly their users, to have resilient & robust connectivity. Telstra and the customer will also be striving to achieve this connectivity with the best value, flexibility and feature set.

There are range of solution elements available and typically for a customer some of these are fixed such as their public cloud provider and existing WAN, SD-WAN or SASE – from there we can shape a solution that meets their requirements. These requirements can include reduced latency, availability and regional presence which often gives an interesting insight into the wider IT space, such as how the performance of accessing data can have a significant impact on the success of an enterprise cloud journey.

With Telstra infrastructures and our partners, we bring the enterprise’s network directly to the public cloud interface. From there the interesting logical integration begins where I work with the customer, network vendors and public cloud architects to create the solution with each domain adding in their key expertise and in most cases, Telstra taking the lead to agree on the final solution and document accordingly. Where required, we can supplement the customer architect with consultancy from Telstra Purple who can bring their deeper skills on cloud architecture and cloud security to the party.

Please contact Telstra or myself direct if you interested in how Telstra Enterprise can support your cloud connectivity objectives.

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