Beyond the new normal and toward the better normal

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Carina Hotson

Head of Strategy & Transformation EMEA, Telstra Purple LinkedIn

For many of us, work is now a daily reminder of the ways COVID-19 has permanently shaped workplaces and sped up our digital journeys.

But those changes look different in almost every industry, organisation and team. One of the clearest takeaways – and probably one of the clearest silver linings – of the past several months has been a shift toward empathising with individuals’ and organisations’ unique circumstances and weaving those considerations into our business decisions.

That’s why it’s so crucial to share experiences and lessons right now. At Telstra Purple, we did that recently at our Accomplish More community speakeasy event, which itself became an example of digital adaptability. This is usually an in-person event where technology leaders can swap experiences and insights. Instead, the community connected online and used a virtual whiteboard to share ideas.

In our latest session, the biggest focus was how to ensure “the new reality” isn’t just new but better. So, what were the main outtakes from the discussion?

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