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Raven Housing Trust engages Telstra Purple

As part of the Trust’s Better Connected programme, Raven are developing many of their internal and externally focused services in digital format to improve customer experience, in turn creating ever more complex demands on their cyber security.

The Trust has engaged Telstra Purple to produce a blueprint for an operating model which is fit for purpose, flexible, and scalable. In less than two months, the Trust will have a clear and costed plan on how their security function can transform, whilst protecting their current investments in people and systems.

Nick Crane, Head of IT at Raven Housing Trust, said “We have a good understanding of our security maturity target. Telstra Purple’s plan will provide the detail on how Cyber Security will support the shape our organisation in the future, and the specific steps we need to take in order to get there. I have always had great respect for Telstra Purple’s people and trust for their work. I know Telstra Purple is the right choice for Raven.”

Julia Mixter, Director of Transformation at Raven Housing Trust, said “We have a vision to transform how services are delivered to the people who live in our homes. Our engagement with Telstra Purple to define a clear security operating model for the future, demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding the information we hold as we move to delivering more of our services digitally.’’


About Raven Housing Trust

Raven is a business with a clear social purpose: Building Homes and Changing Lives in Surrey and Sussex. To Raven, building homes goes far beyond the bricks and mortar; what really makes a home are the people inside it. Raven build homes by focusing on the foundations first: the people who live in them.


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