New In Role: Virtual roundtable for security leaders

Community Event

Virtual Roundtable
11 February 2021

How can security leaders make the most of their first year in a new role?

Hosted by Kevin Fielder, Chief Information Security Officer at FNZ Group and Manoj Bhatt, Head of Cyber Security Advisory and Consulting at Telstra Purple EMEA. Both are also advisory board members of ClubCISO, a Telstra Purple community.

Why attend?

The New in Role Dinner Debates provide an opportunity for technology to hear the experiences of their peers and discuss their current challenges in a safe and congenial environment. Come prepared to share: bring along your tips and best practices, and benefit from the power of collective wisdom.

Themes for discussion may include:

  • What one tactic has made the biggest positive impact in your early days?
  • What strategies did you use to build internal and external relationships quickly?
  • How did you align your plans to the wider strategy of your new organisation?
  • How are you engaging with the Board?
  • What steps are you taking to manage security culture remotely?

There are only 12 places available so please register your interest early.

Event Details:

11 February 2021


Virtual Roundtable

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