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10 steps to building a successful secure multi-cloud landing zone

An essential top ten tips guide on how to build a successful secure landing zone. A secure landing zone is an essential part of building a successful long term multi-cloud infrastructure, speeding up application deployment and development.

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Multi-cloud landing zone: Build a solid foundation for your multi-cloud estate

Building a solid foundation for your multi-cloud estate, a secure landing zone is an essential part of any infrastructure. According to Gartner, a secure landing zone as “a fully equipped set of hierarchical constructs, policies, network, and identity configurations where infrastructure and platform resources can land safely.”

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10 ways to gain control over your multi-cloud spend

A top 10 guide on cutting multi-cloud costs, preventing cloud waste, and bringing your multi-cloud spend under control.

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Struggling with bringing your multi-cloud costs under control?

Bringing spiralling cloud costs under control is becoming increasingly important for many organisations. Using technical data and business intelligence are both crucial in establishing the best method to enhance your cloud savings.

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Organisations struggle to keep track of cloud costs

As organisations increasingly adopt a cloud-first strategy and shift their resources from on-premises to multi-cloud, they face greater complexity, which can lead to higher costs.

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10 steps to reducing your multi-cloud risk

The more connected enterprises become, the bigger the risks they may encounter. This threat landscape is increasingly challenging because of its dynamic nature and the growing sophistication of cybercriminals. Traditional security solutions can’t keep up with continuously changing multi-cloud environments that link your organisations, partners, suppliers, and customers.

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Adapting your risk management strategy to cater to a multi-cloud environment

In the last few years, a substantial amount of organisations who rushed to accelerate their cloud adoption were confronted with an intensified cyber-threat vista and the need to shore up their defences.

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10 steps to getting maximum value from your multi-cloud estate

Enterprises are expanding their cloud estates to reach their business goals. On average, enterprises are using 2.8 public and 2.7 private clouds. However, there is much debate about how many are getting the business value they expected from this investment.

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Unlocking the business value of multi-cloud technologies

Multi-cloud has never been more important for organisations to keep up with their ever expanding digital footprint. However, whilst many organisations have recognised the advantages of multi-cloud they are yet to experience it’s full benefits, adding complexity to their cloud estate.

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Why it is essential that organisations embrace multi-cloud

An insight from the field on what is multi-cloud and the complex world it creates.

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Insights into multi-cloud from the field

An insight from the field on how multi-cloud is making its mark and why multi-cloud infrastructure is the future of enterprise IT.

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The path to efficient multi-cloud

Can’t scale your cloud services? Security gaps? Spending out of control? You need to cut through the complexity of your clouds

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Cyber criminal pointing at weak link in supply chain in a big city

Cyber criminals target the weakest link in the supply chain

Telstra recently commissioned a study by market research firm Vanson Bourne to understand how the pandemic has shaped the strategies of hundreds of businesses across Europe.

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People at the heart of building a strong security culture

In this Tech Radar Pro article, Telstra Purple’s Manoj Bhatt discusses how a people centric security strategy is a company’s best line of defence.

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Businesses got ahead by failing fast – How to balance risk and reward

Our most recent Accomplish More meet-up explored the relevance of failing fast in innovation, the challenge of finding the right balance between risk and reward, and the emergence of an enhanced level of integration between IT and the broader business.

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The new CIO’s dilemma – Preserving what works versus changing what doesn’t

At Telstra Purple’s New-in-Role virtual roundtable, 14 CIOs explored the trickiest parts of their first year and how to navigate them. An overarching challenge was identifying what to keep versus what to change, then using that basis to implement lasting, positive change. Our attendees identified three major steps to success.

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A new CIO’s four biggest challenges and how to solve them

Stepping into the role of CIO has never been easy. Now, with performance increasingly contingent on digitisation and technology being woven into organisational strategy and culture, CIOs need to wear more hats than ever. This means the early days of their tenure are important – but tough – to get right.

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