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Surging threats, slashed budgets, and cautious optimism: Telstra Ventures shines light on cybersecurity challenges during economic crisis

According to data from Telstra’s forthcoming ClubCISO report, which surveyed 182 global CISOs, some 14% of respondents said their budgets had either decreased or been cut completely, with a third (34%) stating these decreases were due to economic downturn/potential recession, while 30% revealed cuts had been driven by profit and loss pressures.

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People at the heart of building a strong security culture

In this Tech Radar Pro article, Telstra Purple’s Manoj Bhatt discusses how a people centric security strategy is a company’s best line of defence.

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Age UK mobilises its team with Telstra Purple

As a charitable organisation, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Age UK hard. With the shift to remote working overnight, Age UK mobilised their team with help from Telstra Purple.

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Technology Purpose Built for People

This brochure provides a succinct end-to-end overview of the services we provide and how through people and purpose we can help transform your business .

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